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Shit happens

Written and performed by Sandy MacGregor.

Curated by Malcolm Robertson

First performed as part of La Mama’s 2015 Explorations Season


Shit Happens

“review from Melbourne Observer November 2015”

Sandy Macgregor is mesmerising. She is a brilliant storyteller with a story to tell. Whilst I did not know her or her work I knew of the shows she had been in and some of the famous people she had associated with.

To hear her tell of her highs and lows as an actress in Australia and the US was fascinating. Nothing is needed other than the woman herself. Rather than another actor telling her story, she does so brilliantly, reliving every second and taking the audience with her on a powerful journey. For seventy minutes I followed her story, visualising every joy as her eyes lit up and feeling the pain as she reminisced about the low times. I cried, I laughed and it was genuine.

Shit Happens deserves to be on the stage with a full house and Sandy Macgregor in full glory telling it, to anyone interested in the world of entertainment or anyone who likes a generous well told, honest human interest story. This woman is unique.

About Shit Happens

Sandy left for Los Angeles in a time when Australian actors weren’t the flavour of the month. The play “Shit Happens” depicts her tumultuous time in Los Angeles where she appeared with Julie Newmar in David Rabe’s play In the Boom Boom Room (click on link) and where John Cassavetes cast her in a season of plays which he directed and produced as well as many other theatre appearances all to critical acclaim. At the same time Sandy was struggling with debilitating bouts of depression which was only diagnosed and treated when she finally returned to Australia.

Next scheduled for La Mama’s 2017 season.