● “The Proposal” Chekhov. Director Malcolm Robertson. MTC youth theatre tour.

● Two experimental plays by Kris Henesley with Malcolm Robertson at La Mama.

● “The Removalist”, female lead in the first production of David Williamson’s play at

Sydney’s Playbox Theatre, director John Bell.

● ‘“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, Maggie, Melbourne Theatre Company director Malcolm Robertson

● “Love’s Labour’s Lost”, Old Tote Theatre Company, director Bill Gaskill (Royal Shakespeare Company), Sydney Opera House.

● “‘Love for Love’’ Sydney Opera House

● ‘’The Alchemist’’ Sydney Opera House

● “Kennedy’s Children”, played Marilyn Monroe. director Hugh Rule

● “Kingdom of Earth”, by Tennessee Williams, director Rodney Fisher, Adelaide Festival Theatre.

● A Hand Full of Friends”, premiere of David Williamson’s play, director Rodney Fisher, Adelaide Festival Theatre.

● “Children’s Day” director Irene Mitchell. St Martins Theatre.

● “Come Back Little Sheba” St Martin’s Theatre.

● Breakfast with Julia” director Irene Mitchell St Martin’s Theatre.

● Wise Child” Julia, Independent Theatre, Sydney.

● “Legend of King O’Malley” director Richard Wherrett Old Tote Theatre Company, touring Fiji and New Zealand.

● “Dazzle” director Teddy Robinson Australian Theatre.

● “In the Boom Boom Room” Hollywood Actor’s Theatre, Chrissy. Also starring JulieNewmar


● “Twelfth Night” director Henry Hoffman, Maria. Old Globe theatre Hollywood

● “Coriolanus”, director Henry Hoffman, Volumnia. Old Globe theatre Hollywood

● “Hamlet”, director Henry Hoffman, Gertrude. Old Globe theatre Hollywood

● “Love Streams” director/writer John Cassavetes, Centre theatre LA. ● “Knives” director / writer John Cassavetes. Centre theatre LA

● “Third Day Comes”, director / writer John Cassavetes, Centre theatre L.A. (the above

three plays were performed by an ensemble including Peter Falk, John Voigt, Gena

Rowlands and Ben Gazzaro.

●”Shit Happens” Written and performed by Sandy MacGregor, La Mama Theatre