Sandy left for Los Angeles in a time when Australian actors weren’t the flavour of the month. The play “Shit Happens” depicts her tumultuous time in Los Angeles where she appeared with Julie Newmar in David Rabe’s play In the Boom Boom Room (click on link) and where John Cassavetes cast her in a season of plays which he directed and produced as well as many other theatre appearances all to critical acclaim. At the same time Sandy was struggling with debilitating bouts of depression which was only diagnosed and treated when she finally returned to Australia. Next scheduled for La Mama’s 2017 season.

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The Aunty Jack Show

A large, violent, masculine, mustached, boxing glove-wearing, motorcycle riding woman and her troupe of other off-beat characters.

About Sandy

Sandy was born in Melbourne, Australia. She began her professional career as a dancer withMelbourne’s Lido theatre restaurant where she remained for three years.